Math Adventures

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Our Mission

Math Adventures is a free, Los Angeles-based after-school program for 3rd-5th graders that focuses on math enrichment topics not typically covered in the school curriculum. Through interactive lectures, worksheets, and hands-on discovery activities, the program strives to inspire kids to realize that math is fun and interesting and has uses beyond the mechanics of addition, subtraction, multiplication, and division.


Thank you Joy and Math Adventures for an amazing experience for my 4th grader. He has always been interested in math and this was the perfect environment for fun and exploration. Highly recommended!
It was awesome! I learned how to solve mazes and about new 3D shapes, graph theory, Möbius strips, and the Fibonacci sequence! I really wish that the class didn't end.
[My son] truly enjoyed the program and was excited to go each week! He was engaged in the curriculum fully.
Our son loved the Math Adventures class! He said Joy was an amazing teacher and he really loved the experiments. I heard most of the classes and was impressed by the way Joy and other instructors addressed and interacted with the students, thoughtfully—like peers. Our son was pushed to think in new directions and enjoyed the advanced-level discussion with other students.
It was really fun. I liked how on some of the days, we made 3-dimensional shapes and on others, we made different patterns. On a scale of 1 to 10, this class is a 10. If I could sign up again, I would definitely do it.
This was a truly amazing and generous program. The teacher, Joy Cheng, was excellent and the class was engaging and fun.
My son thought you introduced really cool projects and he truly enjoyed the class. His favorite was the hexaflexagon and he loved the infinity research.
[My son] had a wonderful time, thought Joy explained things very clearly. He especially loved the Flexagon chapter. I think he was also very excited to have a teacher closer to his age and so much personal attention.